Interior Decorative Films Product Description

Dimensional Stability 80 C - 10 mins

Material Safety Data Sheets

1 - Manufacturer Identification
1) Product Name :Ado Film Decorative Foil
2) Manufacturer's Name : Adopen Plastik ve İnş. San. A.Ş.
3)Address : Antalya Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 2. Kisim 07040 Dosemealti, ANTALYA/ TURKEY Tel: +90 242 236 20 00
2 - Composition / Information on ingredients
Chemical characterization: Article based on polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer, impact modifier, pigments, stabilizer
3 - Hazards identification
Description of Hazards: No hazards under conditions of use according to purpose Special hazards for human beings and environment: No hazards under normal conditions of use
4 - Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
1)Flash Point : N / A
2)Flammable Limits in Air by Volume - Lower : N/A, Upper : N/A
3)Extinguishing Media CO2, Dry Chemical
4)Special Fire Fighting Procedures : Use self containing breathing apparatus and full protective quipment All fires product toxic gas
5)Unusual fire and explosion hazards : Decomposition products include Hydrogen Chloride gas
5 - First-Aid-measures
General comments: No need for particular precautionary measures In particular situations:
- After inhalation:
(In case of arising vapour through overheating or fire)
In case of indisposition, medical advice is to taken
- After skin contact:
Skin burns caused by melted material have to be treated by a doctor. Cover wound with sterile dressing material and take medical advice.
6 - Accidental release measures
Not applicable for such articles
7 - Handling and storage
Technical protective measures:
No need for particular precautionary measures under normal conditions of use.
Protection against fire and explosion:
General regulations for preventative fire protection are recommended.
Under unfavourable circumstances, especially in case of low relative humidity, a static electricity charge of the film can arise during uncoiling.
In order to keep the properties of the film, it is advised to store it cool and dry in closed rooms. Do not expose directly to sun radiation and heat-sources.
8 - Exposure controls / Personal protection
Technical Measures:
Measures against static electricity are to be taken (see Pos. 7). During thermal processing sufficient ventilation should be provided.
Personal protective equipment: Not necessary
Skin protection: Not necessary
Eye protection: Not necessary
Industrial hygiene measures: No need for particular precautionary measures
9 - Physical properties
Form: Semi Rigid Film
Odour: slight and typical characteristic odour
Explosive limits: none
Density (23°C): about 1,3 – 1,5 g/cm3
Solubility in water (20°C): practically not soluble
Further details: none
10 - Stability and Reactivity
Dangerous reactions: None
Thermal decomposition: None, under normal conditions of use.
In not suitable processing conditions, a thermal decomposition cannot be excluded.
Thermal decomposition may produce the following: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acrylic monomers, nitrogen oxides, flammable mixtures
Further details: None
11 - Toxicological information
According to present knowledge, no harmful effects get known at adequate use of such products.
12 - Ecological information
Product is not soluble in water
Under adequate handling conditions, no negative effects on the environment and no hazards have been reported
13 - Disposal considerations
Recycling is possible: talk to Recycling-companies. Recommendation for disposal: can be disposed with household waste, if in compliance with local or state laws and regulations
Recommendation for disposal: can be disposed with household waste, if in compliance with local or state laws and regulations
14 - Transport information
No dangerous goods according to transport regulations
15 - Regulatory information
Labelling according to hazardous material regulation: No labelling is necessary
Water hazard classification: Not water hazardous
Other regulations, limitations:
The product with its present formulation is not suitable for essentials according to the mind of the food regulations, and not suitable for food packaging
16 - Other information
Recommended uses:
This data sheet is based upon current knowledge and experience. The safety data sheet is issued to describe the products with regard to safety requirements
The details do not have the meaning of property assurances. For warranties and liabilities our general terms of delivery and conditions of sale are valid
Further information: None
Sources of most important information, given herein: Production information sheets and safety data sheets of raw material producers.

Adofilm pallet size & dimensions

Product Code Roll Dimension (mm) Thickness (micron) Pallet Drawing Roll Width (mm) Pallette Dimension (cm) Rolls in pallete Total Meter (mt) Pallete Total Weight (kg)
SN-MT 250 200 1430 100X110 12 3000 1008,2
ST 250 200 1430 100X110 9 2250 682,685
SA 250 200 1430 100X110 12 3000 903,62
SN-MT-BS 100 350 1430 100X110 16 1600 1053,27
AS 500 160 12400 100X110 9 4500 1085,28
ST(DIŞ MEKAN) 500 200 680 80X110 6 3000 454,26