Integrated facilities where innovative technologies & inspiring designs merge...

ADO Film provides unique creations and creative design solutions
offering color and surface options inspired by nature.

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  • background

Founded in 1956, the ADO GROUP considers the concepts of technological innovation and integrated production as a strategical priority in parallel with its corporate vision and mission.

The integrated facilities of the ADO GROUP established in an area of 630 Thousand sqm in Antalya, continues its consistent growth with new investments made each year in line with a value-added growth strategy. In addition to the brands of ADOPEN, ADOKAPI, ADO ALUMINIUM, ADO FLOOR, ACCADO, DECKADO, PLADECK ,WINTECH – each considered to be a leader in the respective industry – manufactured at international quality standards within the organization of the ADO GROUP and exported to more than 70 countries, the brand ADO Film was added to this group of brands in 2015 for the production of decorative PVC surface films.

Based on infrastructure studies of the expert R&D team and the staff of engineers for many years, ADO Film manufactures indoor & outdoor decorative Pvc surface films bringing technology and design together.

The product range of ADO Film has a competitive advantage sustainable in local and global markets due to the segmentations suitable for furniture, floor coverings, interior doors and u-Pvc windows, considering the industrial trends and requirements of its business partners.

The production philosophy of ADO Film is to observe the principals for the protection of natural resources in order to ensure the efficient use of energy.