Interior Decorative Films Product Description

Dimensional Stability 80 C - 10 mins

Exterior / 200 micron

Properties Methods Value
Thickness (DIN EN ISO 2286-3, 1998-07) 200 μm
Thickness of the Acrylic Layer - ≥ 53 μm
Colour Tolerances For Unprinted Films (DIN 53236 (45/0), 1983-01) ΔE≤ 0,6 ΔL≤ +/-0,35 Δa≤+/- 0,30 Δb≤ +/-0,35
Colour Consistency Of Printed Films - Manufacture and visual assessment with original specimen.
Tensile Stress (Longitudinal- Horizontal) DIN EN ISO 527-3 ≥ 5 MPa
Strain Yield (DIN EN ISO 527-3) ≥ 20 %
Dimensional Stability (DIN 53377) Max.-2,5 % (10 minutes, 60°C): Longitudinal direction
Welding (60 °C- 10 min.) When welding of the profiles is carried out as per Manufacturers instructions,there should be no adverse effect on the film. Bending of the profiles at temperatures of 130°C can lead to glossing up of the surface.
Maintenace - Clean with ordinary household cleaners,but not with scourers
Chemical Resistance - Resistant to normal household cleaning agents, as well as to petrol ,motor oil,olive oil and milk.Not resistant to organic solvents, including paint-thinners and varnishremovers.

* This techical information sheet represents our latest state of knowledge and shall inform without obligation

* Store in a dry clean environment at room temperature with moderate humidity.The material can be suspended in unopened packaging. Store away from sources of heat and sunlight.

* Material should be acclimatised 72 hours prior to use at room temperature ( about 20 ° C)

* When the above conditions are met, it is recommended that primer applied products should be used within 24 months.